Monday, January 08, 2007

Fuck dance, Let's art.

it´s pop it´s art

'It's Pop It's Art' is built upon a passionate love of both music and art. Taking our lead from the world's influential musicians, typographers and the pop art icons of the 1960's, we aim to visually celebrate the many bands that can catapult our emotional states any-which-way with the use of a microphone, guitar, drum machine and a trusty pen & paper. The song is where the emotional connections sparks, and the lyric is where the whole trip begins. Finally, an alternative to having that kick-ass lyric tattooed on your... well, ass. It's a lot less painful, and the whole world can enjoy it without you having to drop your trousers (we're not trying to stop you from getting the tattoo, we just don't necessarily want to see it...). Custom designed limited edition prints that have your wall screaming the lyrics along with you. Fuck dance, let's art.

E se de repente alguém lhe oferecer uma letra. Não uma letra qualquer, mas aquela letra. Da sua canção favorita. Num quadro, sim, com moldura e tudo. Estes ingleses são doidos. Mas eu é que faço colecção de latas de sardinha. Sardines, yes!
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